Product Type: Tablet
Brand Name: DM Pharma
Packaging Type Strip
Packaging: 10×10
Composition: PER SERVING / TABLET CONTAINS (APROX) :- ENERGY 0.172 kcal + PROTEIN 0.00 g + CARBOHYDRATE 0.043 g + FAT 0.00 g +(ESSENTIAL VITAMINS) VITAMIN C 40 mg, (100% RDA) + VITAMIN B3 16 mg, (88.88% RDA) + VITAMIN E 50% 10 mg + VITAMIN B5 4.5 mg + VITAMIN B2 1.4 mg, (87.50% RDA) + VITAMIN B6 1.2 mg, (60% RDA) + VITAMIN B1 1.2 mg, (85.71% RDA) + VITAMIN A 600 mcg, (100% RDA) + FOLIC ACID 100 mcg, (100% RDA) + (ESSENTIAL MINRALS) ZINC OXIDE (EQ. TO ELEMENTAL ZINC)10 mg, (83% RDA) + MANGANESE CHLORIDE (EQ. TO ELEMENTAL MANGANESE) 2 mg + COPPER GLUCONATE (EQ TO ELEMENTAL COPPER) 0.90 mg + SODIUM SELENATE (EQ. TO ELEMENTAL SELENIUM) 35 mcg, (87% RDA).
Usages: Oral use
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Methylcobalamin is a cobalamin, a form of vitamin B12. It differs from cyanocobalamin in that the cyano at the cobalt is replaced with a methyl group. Methylcobalamin features an octahedral cobalt(III) centre and can be obtained as bright red crystals. From the perspective of coordination chemistry, methylcobalamin is notable as a rare example of a compound that contains metal-alkyl bonds. Nickel-methyl intermediates have been proposed for the final step of methanogenesis.

Methylcobalamin is equivalent physiologically to vitamin B12, and can be used to prevent or treat pathology arising from a lack of vitamin B12 intake (vitamin B12 deficiency).

Methylcobalamin is also used in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and as a preliminary treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.