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BETA CAROTENE(10% dispersion)+Ginseng-30mg+calcium Phosphate- 7.5mg+phosphorus 5.8mg+Ferrous Furmate 10mg+Zinc Sulphate 10mg+Folic Acid-
.25mg+Calcium D 1mg+Magnesium 1mg+Potassium .1mg+Magnese 0.5mg+Copper 0.5mg+Iodine0.1mg+Selenium 100mcg+Vitamin A 2000IU+Vitamin E10mg+VitaminD3 200IU+Vitamin B1 1.5mg+Vitamin B2 1.5mg+Vitamin B6 1.5mg+Vitamin B12 1.0mcg+Niacinamide 16mg+Energy Traces+Carbohydrate traces+Protein traces+Fat traces

INR 100

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