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DM Pharma Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited pharmaceutical firm and one of the industry leaders in the Indian market. Established in 2007, we have more than a decade of experience in the field of pharmaceutical innovation technology and marketing led the company to become India's top ten PCD Pharma companies headquartered in Chandigarh.

At DM Pharma, our well-established, world-class research and development facilities and technology-based groundbreaking advancement ensure that we have a wide range of high-quality therapeutic products at optimum cost. Simultaneously, our systematic and safe logistics initiatives across India ensure that our high-quality healthcare goods remain readily accessible at reasonable rates. Our team of esteemed chemists and industry professionals ensures that each of our products endures an effective quality assurance audit.

Safe & Secure

Quality medical products are delivered to you in a simple, structured, and secure process.

Guaranteed Quality

Pure and highest quality healthcare products from an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

Affordable Prices

Highly accessible medical products are brought to the market at the least possible prices.

Expert Support

All your queries answered and solved with professional support from our expert team.

Nation-wide Accessibility

DM Pharma provides monopoly rights to qualified and trained drug vendors and distributors around the world. Being a PCD Pharma Franchise of DM Pharma, you help us hit every corner of the world, making our high-quality healthcare products readily available to everyday citizens.

This ability not only means that our inexpensive goods hit the right moment but also allows you to increase the marketing size in unique regions without any competition.

Innovation and Technology

We use advanced medical methods to develop new drug solutions that fulfill the needs of the medical world of the 21st century. Our integrated approach to quality management of each product guarantees a reduced probability of error and potential complications, ensuring optimal quality of pharma products.

Our dedication to evolving innovative medical technology and successful quality assurance ensure greater compliance with care and ease of dosage across the Indian market and beyond.

Be a part of a journey that leads you to success.

Be the sole seller of our pharmaceuticals in your region and gain profits. Let the people access the products in each corner of the country at optimum prices.

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