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R&D Manufacturing Unit

DM Pharma Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited pharmaceutical firm and one of India's top 10 leading manufacturers. Founded in 2007, a decade of expertise in pharmaceutical technology and marketing has allowed the company to greatly develop the production, supply, trade and delivery of a wide variety of pharmaceutical medicines.

At DM Pharma Marketing Pvt. Ltd., our well-established, world-class research facilities and technology-based creative innovations ensure that we produce optimum quality products. Our team of esteemed chemists and industry professionals ensures that each of our products undergoes an effective quality control audit.

Guaranteeing quality is the heart of our company

As a market leader in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, we are committed to supplying medical drugs of the highest quality and making them available to every corner of the world. Our medicinal drugs span various fields, including Antibiotics, Antibacterials, Antimalarials, Cardiovascular & Antidiabetics, Nutraceuticals, Dental, Dermatology and Ophthalmology, Ayurvedic Medicines, among others.

Safe & Secure

Quality medical products are delivered to you in a simple, structured, and secure process.

Guaranteed Quality

Pure and high-quality healthcare products of ISO 9001:2008 Accredited Company.

Affordable Prices

We bring highly accessible medical products at the least possible prices.

Expert Support

All your queries are answered and solved with professional support from our expert team.

Quality Control Process

We strive to be the best healthcare organization delivering pioneering innovative technologies and solutions.

Competitive Edge

With R&D Manufacturing, the development of new products and services for the benefits of the society.

Maintain Good Reputation

The unit is strengthening our brand and helps to make a good reputation with high-quality pharma products.

Innovation-based technology

DM Pharma Marketing Pvt. Ltd. employs sophisticated technology-driven creative methods in the product life cycle. The integrated solution guarantees that the risk of mistakes and potential complications is greatly minimized in the quality assurance process, guaranteeing the highest quality of medical goods by secure means.

DM Pharma Marketing Pvt Ltd has built a great capacity to produce the new formulations and will still be one step forward. We are committed to introducing emerging innovations that bring creativity to the production of medicines. Via our quality control, we ensure better compliance with care and better dose comfort across the Indian market and beyond.

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